About BVR's Mark of Distinction

BVR's Mark of Distinction was created by Business Valuation Resources, LLC to recognize appraisers who have met certain baseline standards for leadership in practice and education in the valuation community.  Business appraisers can apply at any time for the distinguished designation (see below for the simple application process). 


The purpose of the Mark of Distinction is solely to help those searching for financial analysis consultants or expert witnesses to identify appraisers who have contributed, through their work and leadership, to the development of business valuation best practices. 


About the Distinguished Designation 

To qualify, business valuation professionals must meet all four of the following minimum requirements:


1.    A business valuation-specific certification from at least one of the following organizations:

2.    Five years minimum business valuation practice experience


3.    At least one authored article or book published in the preceding three years in a national valuation-specific journal (such as Business Valuation Review, BVUpdate, Valuation Strategies or Value Examiner)


4.    At least one presentation in the preceding three years at a national business valuation conference or webinar (such as an ASA, AICPA, NACVA, BVR, or other event)


How to apply


Any business appraiser may apply for BVR's Mark of Distinction by joining the directory and requesting consideration during the sign up process.   


Business appraisers may also apply by email, phone or regular or mail by providing documentation that they meet all four of the requirements above.   To do so, contact:


                   Lexie Gross
                   Business Valuation Resources, LLC
                   1000 SW Broadway, Suite 1200
                   Portland, OR  97205
                   Email: lexieg@bvresources.com
                   Phone: (617) 861-7700

BVR will review all applications quickly, and will update your free or paid listing in the BVExpert Directory automatically.  BVR reserves the right, of course, to make all decisions on whether the four criteria have been satisfied before granting the Mark of Distinction.