How to Use This Directory

How to Use BVRs Directory of Business Appraisers

Who uses it?

Generally, there are four types of users of the directory. 

Attorneys need financial experts to assist them in valuing (among other things) marital assets, intellectual property and other assets for damages assessment, businesses in estates and trusts, assets subject to bankruptcy, and companies to be acquired or merged.  These experts help organize the case and evaluate evidence (litigation support) and testify (expert witness). Finding credible, credentialed experts can be difficult to do.  Many attorneys feel they need to identify a stable of reliable experts, realizing relying on a single expert can backfire in litigation.  BVR’s Expert Directory is a free tool attorneys can use to find the experts they need. 

Business owners contemplating their exit strategies need a credible valuation just to begin the process.  Enlightened owners realize formulaic valuations, valuations-made-easy, will not hold up, nor will they really serve the plan or process.  Here’s what business owners need to take into account as they examine the alternatives:  a trained valuation analyst understands the risks that go into the value of a business.  They are in the best position to assist the business owner and his/her advisors in how to mitigate those risks, increasing the business value, should that be a desired outcome.  The free BVR Expert Directory will give business owners a convenient, easy-to-use way to find a trained appraiser, with the requisite industry experience, in their locale.

Intellectual Property Managers in biotech, technology and university research settings are being asked to value the IP they manage, in order for the organization to allocate the proper resources, develop the appropriate business strategies, minimize taxes, etc.  This free Directory is a perfect tool for IP managers to find the expertise they require to value their managed portfolio.

CPAs, consultants and other business valuation analysts now have a free, independent referral source for highly trained, experienced valuation experts when they need assistance in their current projects.  Sometimes they might be looking for advice; other times it would be peer review.  There exists no better source for these purposes than the free BVR Expert Directory.

How is the free BVR Expert Directory best used?

The Directory is intuitive.  What it doesn’t do is list the experts en masse.  There are nearly 2,000 experts in the directory, and such a list would not be useful. Users know what they need.

Do you know the industry in which you are looking for experience? Type it into the Keyword search field, and all of the experts who identify that industry will be in your search findings. 

Can you determine the category of service you are looking for? Just click on the relevant category in the left hand column.

Is locale the most important feature?  That's easy, too.  Type the city (or state, or zip code) into the Where field.

Perhaps you know the name of an Expert and you want to check his or her credentials and experience.  Just type the last name into the Keyword field, and your expert’s professional bio will appear.

Once your search results appear, they are accompanied by a location map.  The map can be manipulated by using the arrow controls on the left, and you can get an immediate feel for how many in your search are close by.

Once selected search criteria have culled the database to find experts who might be of most value to the user, each expert can be researched further by clicking on the name. The experts in the directory have an opportunity to communicate with you by relating their experience, their education and credentials, if they have been published, or if they teach or speak on business valuation issues. Their awards and affiliations may also be presented. Those who have taken the time to display their bona fides are generally the experts who understand best the importance of their credibility and relevant experience to a searcher's specific needs. If the appraiser has a presence in social media, investigating that presence will be just one click away.

In addition, BVR has created the BVR Mark of Distinction, a designation given to extraordinary valuators who have given back to the profession even more than they have gotten from it.  They write. They educate. They also sit on standards committees, lead policy discussions, develop theories, and represent the valuation profession at its best. Those with this mark of distinction will have the yellow logo next to their listing.